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One of the lovely mothers who attends the support group started this incentive to collect presents for children in Africa.  Anyone who wanted to participate had to buy a present for her/his angel baby.  We had to then wrap it and add a label.  On the label we had to dedicate the gift to baby girl or boy of the age of our angel baby.  Then we also had to add who the gift was from, which was us, the parents of our angel baby.  So that is what I did for my angel baby Alma from her parents.  So this present will go to a 4 month old baby girl. This is how old Alma would be if she would still be with us in the physical plane.  The thought of buying a present for another baby of the age of Alma gives me a warm feeling in my heart.  Also the fact that I do not know this baby girl is even more special because I know she will appreciate it in a way I may not understand.  Now I am understanding in a more deeper level why people like to give more than they receive.  What are you thinking of doing?  Have you thought of buying a present for a baby the same age of your angel baby.