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It is unusual for it to snow for such a long time in such a short space of time, in Birmingham, United Kingdom.  Following on from my blog yesterday which is to enjoy the snow, today is about reflection on a snowflake.  Every snowflake is individual and unique, there are no two snowflakes which are identical.  The same is with our angel babies.  They are unique and come into this our lives for a purpose. That purpose does not have to be for a very long time.  Just like snowflakes do not last neither did our angel babies in the physical plane.  However we angel mums can feel the presence of our babies all our lives, in the smile of other beings and sometimes when we look deep within our own selves.  So we are not really even along even though at times the feelings of loneliness pierce our innermost core. We can survive this and live; in the memory of our angel babies, the prettiest snowflake.