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A joy shared is a joy doubled and a sorrow shared is a sorrow halved… so they say.  Today’s random act of kindness was to give these quartz rose – the crystals of love – to another bereaved mother to share her sorrow.  One is a pendant which is advisable to wear onto heart chakra and the other is a stone to hold on strong when you feel that need to be loved or to love.

When you see others around you going through the same grief you are going through somehow you are sharing the same experience.  So helping others is actually helping yourself.  Grief and the loss of a loved one specially of a child is very difficult to heal from completely but helping others in a similar situation as us is one step towards the light.  Have you ever done this… to leave behind your sorrow for a minute and see how someone else in a similar situation is feeling …. offering a shoulder to cry … the simple act of holding another bereaved mother’s hand or looking at her eyes with compassion sometimes is sufficient.