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After the loss of our child we just stop breathing, stop believing.  Nothing makes sense anymore and we just do not care.  These are feelings we go through and it does not get better because those feelings want to pull you down and their weight is overburdening.  However through self care and introspection you can elevate yourself above all this.  The feelings and the sadness remains but you just rise above it.  Motherhood is one of the most beautiful journeys we go through as woman.  However motherhood does not define us it is just one of our characteristics.  So let us find out more about our own selves, who we are.  This will then in turn help us be better mothers to our angel babies and those on earth.  Your butterfly retreat is that place where you can just be, take what you need and find out what else you need on your journey of self discovery.  So it is a passing place where you can just come and go or spend some time until you feel strong enough to fly again.

My butterfly retreat is in the loving memory of Alma my 20 week stillborn baby girl who literally transformed her mummy by her presence.   I would like to do the same for you with the Alma technique – Abundance love during motherhood through awareness.  Her purpose in my life was to help me realise my innate yearning to help others.  This is the reason why I had pursued my first class degree in psychology.  I lost my way in the middle of life and Alma came to guide back to be here today to help you.     

Techniques, tools and treatments

Some of the tools I use are mentioned below.


Guided visualisation

Reflexology and Fertility Massage

Hands on therapy 


For calmness


The practice of being present


Emotional Freedom Technique

Bach Flower Remedies

Restoration of emotional balance